Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday 10/2 around 11PM

Well I finished most of what I needed to do for tonight, and I am much too lazy and too tired to begin Environmental Science. So far my grades have been astounding. I don't know how I do it, since I literally do everything at the last minute. I suppose that is college, right? I just made out an entire schedule for this week and I feel SO much better. Seriously. This blog will not dwell on the past. I have a nasty habit of just looking to the past in sadness and in sorrow. Dreaming of the things that could be, instead of the things that are, I know I need to focus on the now. Today's the thing.

Sunday 10/2

This is literally probably the 50th blog I have created. I have an addiction. I like to start over fresh. I like learning but I hate homework. I hate procrastinating, yet, I do it. I tend to fall in "like" to easily. I have a wild imagination. I dream of falling in love, but I always get scared. I fell in love with someone once. Only once. It was not reciprocated, so I tried to forget it. I have a short paper (250 words) due in about three hours. See, I procrastinate. I like to write. I want to be a lawyer, though I'm really not sure that is what I want to do yet. I don't sleep often. I just got glasses today. I'm going to get better about procrastinating, I promise.