Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11/17 approx 6:35

What is WRONG with me? My mom bought me this beautiful bangle from an expensive jewelry store, and it got stolen today. I wouldn’t be so concerned if I hadn’t lost another bracelet last week (while wearing the same shirt). I’m also INCREDIBLY emotional this week because I’m female and sometimes that sucks. Also, Staples was supposed to have my laptop ready by today and they told me it would be another week. I’m just incredibly upset those bracelets got stolen/lost. My bet is stolen because they were both lost in a public place and have not turned up in a Lost and Found. I fucking hate people. I refuse to look at this relatively. Those bracelets had sentimental value. I KNOW I should have a better mind of them when I’m in public I know that. Sometimes I can be astonishingly dim.
I hate being so careless, and so wrapped up in my mind that phrases come out midsentance.
I hate this.
Maybe I’m developing a brain disease. The way my luck is going, this is probably the case. Or I’m just a stressed college student who is having an incredibly unfortunate week.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Lets see:
*The wedding (10/23) was amazing. I love my extended family with so many particles of my soul. I love them. I love them. I watched Barbara dance and tried not to laugh, but she's sweet. I danced with Ann and drank wine. It was a beautiful experience. I have never felt happier. I wish my mother knew that I legitimately AM a happy person, I really am. We all get down sometimes, and I personally thing she's feeling so crappy HERSELF that she is projecting it onto me.
*People get into relationships. It's great. It's never me. I still have these weird holes all over my heart for the people I used to have feelings for.
*My grades are still astounding