Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Look at this, a post!

Well, I memorized  the monologue! It just happened, I went to bed - and woke up and it was there! I am so proud of myself :) Maybe I'll upload a vid of me doing it later. Who knows? I had fun doing it. I'm excited for the following today:

  • being done with my common app essays
  • possibly being done with the Brandeis and Conn essays!!
  • viewing Tangled
  • going to see Jessica. Okay, this doesn't excite me, there is nothing exciting about family therapy, but I like her and she helps.
  • Oh and showing up everybody in my drama class. Don't question it, I'm not a bitch.
things i am not excited for:
  • the written part of the drama essay. I mean its open book, but c'mon you made me memorize a monologue and not we have to take a quiz? Rude.
  • Sitting here for the next 31 minutes while the other group rehearses.
  • One of them just said "HELLO" to me. Seriously? I have no friends in that class, no friends. It makes me really sad. Well, theres one girl I talk to and she seems pretty nice but everyone else is just RUDE.
  • Working this weekend :( I had a really bad nightmare about work. I don't want to elaborate because this is the internet. The main reason I don't want to work is because I miss my family. I miss Shaws, I miss my grandparent and my uncles. I miss visiting them on a whim. I was reading an old journal from last year at this time and I was going to visit them almost every weekend in March. I was probably fed up with it at the time, but now I miss it. I miss it so much.
  • Meeting with the transfer counselor today
  • I am not excited for the prospect of staying at this school for another year.
  • There are a few other things I am not excited for: growing up, bills, not being able to go back in time. I miss being a kid.

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