Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm angry. I'm allowed to be angry. Anger is not some taboo emotion one should tuck back inside to his or her being. No, you should allow yourself to be angry. Don't let it overtake you because it will do more harm than good, but I am allowed to be angry. I'm allowed to be angry at Carolyn for thinking it's okay to be rude, nasty, mean and judgmental one day and nice, sweet and innocent the next. I'm allowed to be angry with "Carla" for saying that I have "service issues" FOUR months after the fact. That really irritates me. Okay, if I had service issues back in February this is what you do:

  • In the month that you notice these "issues" you take me aside, and you explain to me what they are and what I can do to fix them.
You do not:
  • Switch my position at work without consulting me first, and tell me four months later that I have "service issues," without delving deeper into the details of what those issues are.
These are facts, not opinions. I am so lucky though, that I have the opportunity to attend NEU. I can feel myself shining there already. I will work as hard as I can to achieve my dream of law school. I will get there. I may have to deal with a few jerks ("Carla") along the way, but I will get there.

My mom isn't speaking to me because I slammed the door today when she couldn't find her library card. I'm so sick of her being a baby and bringing up all my past indiscretions when she is reprimanding me. Just grow up. I love you, mom. But please, grow up. 

I'm scared about my "derp." I just want to get it and by over with so that I can feel like everyone else, and not a child.

I was going through a crisis this week. I was really confused, but now I am no longer confused and I feel really good about myself. It's really hard being a girl. But I feel better about myself and I know myself.

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